Self Tort is a gathering together of musicians who, playing live or in the studio,                                 perform and record the songs of Brian Ralston. 

"Each musician brings his or her own unique talents and skills to the music, allowing the songs to shine with acoustic beauty. Captivating, enchanting sounds that evoke the images within the songs bringing the music to life around the lyric."  
Some of the players in Self Tort live and perform in Australia, while others will be found in countries all over the Planet. An ever-morphing kaleidoscope of instruments and sounds, each is chosen to compliment the songs and help tell the stories contained within them. 

Latest News!
"Stripped Bare": CD Launch

 The new CD by Brian Ralston's Self Tort, "Stripped Bare" was released on Monday 30 November, 2015 at Sydney's premier venue
The Basement, Circular Quay, Sydney

To see photos and videos from the launch click here

Signed copies are now for sale at $22

"This album takes the listener to a place where they can almost experience being in the room with the band. Pure and close, warm and intimate you hear Brian Ralston at his most personal and intimate, accompanied by some of the finest of players to be found anywhere."


A new shipment of BR-ST's 4 song EP "Oldest Roadies On The Earth" has now arrived. You can receive your copy of the EP, signed personally by Brian, by clicking the link below:
Physical copies available only in Australia, unless by prior arrangement

For downloads of this and other BRST titles click here

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