Brian Ralston's Self Tort's Latest CD
"STRIPPED BARE" now available
The CD was launched on 30 November, 2015 at Sydney's premier music venue, The Basement.

The band's lineup on the night was
Donovan Gall (drums)
Heather Roche (Viola and Saxophone)
Chris Stafford (Bass)
Robert Smith (Guitar) and
Brian Ralston (Vocals and Guitar)

The launch was a huge success - we will be back at the Basement in 2016

In the meantime go to the video page to see clips of the band at the CD launch.


              $22.00 AUD


"Stripped Bare" samples

'The Oldest Roadies on the Earth'
In August, 2013 Brian Ralston's Self Tort won the Golden Disc award in the Sydney ABC's 'Exhumed' competition.
The winning song "The Oldest Roadies on the Earth" is now available on this great EP, together with three other classic BRST tracks to enjoy!
Available as a download or you can own your own personally SIGNED C.D by ordering here!